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Welcome to the Helpdesk Australia guide to the Google Home speaker and google’s growing lineup to the smart home gadgets. Perhaps, you must be thinking about the smart speaker that can assist and accompany you when not around you. Google Home is the perfect partner. Whether you’re planning or have already bought Google’s smart speaker, now you want to know what you should do with it. Okay! fret not. We can help you with suitable guidance and assistance that will help you in all your troubles.

The Google Home smart speakers can play music but are primarily designed for a vehicle for Google Assistance as a virtual helper that’s connected to the internet. Google Home is immensely getting popular in the audience with its three smart speakers of different sizes. All three smart speakers give you access to the same google assistance service. One can use the same google app to set up all three, and all respond to the same wake words and commands.

In case you encounter any problem in setting up Google Home, you do not need to worry about it. We at Helpdesk Australia, are an independent third-party service provider but can assist our customers in any case and anytime. You just need to dial the Google Home phone number and you’ll be connected to the most proficient team members of our organization. Once you get connected to our experts, you can leverage their experience and knowledge with state-of-the-art tools and technology.

Users may confront multiple issues while using Google Home as it offers diverse features such as hand-free voice calling, multi-home functions, Google Assistance, etc. Apart from this, you may need help in setting up Google Home or update it. No matter what type of complications are, you can get supportive assistance with utmost accuracy, relevant answers, and complete perfection.

Here we have curated solutions to the problems that users usually confront while using the services. To leverage our services, customers need to dial Google Home Support Phone Number that will redirect them to Helpdesk Australia which is an independent third-party service provider. Among multiple problems and solutions, let's start with how to set up Google Home.

Google Home Setup Is Simple With This Guide

Setting up Google Home can be complicated if you don't know the proper instructions. Here, we are giving you simple yet effective steps to follow that will help you to set up your Google Home at ease. Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before you follow the following Google Home Setup process. Start with the simple guide.

  1. Start with Plugin Google Home.
  2. To set Google Home, you need to create a Google account first.
  3. Now download the Google app on your phone.
  4. Go to Home Screen of your Phone, and tap on Google Home.
  5. Once you open the app, click on add and add your device inside the Google Home app.
  6. Now, it should start scanning and if you face any difficulty or experience some unexpected activity, fret not, you can call Google Home contact number 1800 431 401 ask them for assistance related to the issue you’re confronting.
  7. After this, you’ll get a prompt, connecting to your device. Also, make sure the Google Home Wi-Fi setting is done before this.
  8. To test sound quality, click on ‘Yes’.
  9. Next, a notification will display on your screen asking if you would want to participate in activities to improve Google Home, Click Yes or No according to your requirement.
  10. Tap on the room where you want to place the device and click on the ‘Next’ button. You can also customize your room from here.
  11. Finally, set up & save your password.

By following the aforementioned process, you can set up Google Home easily. These are fairly easy steps and you won’t feel any complications to follow them. But if you feel trouble and seek assistance, dial the Google Home phone number without any hesitation. When you dial a toll-free number, it will connect you to Helpdesk Australia, a leading Google Home customer service provider, where you’ll speak to the most talented technicians who are capable of providing reliable and satisfying support in the quickest possible turnaround time. To avoid complexations and enjoy hassle-free services, keep visiting our terms & conditions page.

With its diverse range of features, it becomes difficult for the audience to understand the functionality. This is why we have to gather solutions to a few most common technical glitches that users face. Check out another simple guide on how to update Google Home.

Updates To Google Home: Call Google Home Support Phone Number For Any Assistance

Google Home is particularly known for its wide range of features and it is important to update the device to leverage the new & advanced features. Google keeps pushing regular features and updating the new to meet the user's demand and the technology. So, always try out new updates of Google if you don’t want to stay behind your friends. Google generally drops notifications through the app, if you received any notification, find the below steps to update Google Home.

  1. If you’re using an Android device, go to the play store and type Google Home.
  2. Here, you’ll see the update option if your update is available. You may also get a notification notifying you about the update available inside the app.
  3. You can also check the LED on the top of the Google Home for the update.
  4. It will almost take 10 minutes to update. If it takes more time, check the status of the LED.
  5. Unplugging and plugging the power again will force reboot Google Home to do it only if it is needed.

This is the simple process to get new updates to Google Home. Once you’ve done this, you can use all the handy features of Google Home. With each update, lots of bugs will fix automatically and you will be introduced to all-new features. Google cares about the customers and so as we, that’s why we also keep us active with every new update of Google. We are never tired of helping our customers and always ready with our team of professionals and advanced tools to provide quick assistance. Start asking your questions regarding Google Home now and give us a chance to assist you with a suitable solution. Call Google home contact number anytime because we’re a 24*7 third-party service providers.

Hire Google Home Experts To Troubleshoot Your Technical Glitches

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